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Welcome to our webpage!

In this website you will find information and other contact details regarding our company business.

We have been operating as a service and trading company in Albania for more than 10 years. During this time we have sold thousands of electronic instruments, devices, spare parts for repairing TV sets, radios, cassette players, CD players, personal computers, transformers, a wide range of amplifiers for audio systems, speakers made by the most famous producers in the world.

Lately, our company in cooperation with Albanian and foreign advertising firms, has taken part in installing stadium and open square concert audio systems. Besides, we have supplied spare parts for these audio and video systems for our customers being one of the leading companies offering these services in Albania and in other south east Europe countries.

Please browse our web directories for an in-depth look of our main company services.

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IDI Elektronik

+355 42 261747
+355 42 230899
Mobile phone
+355 6821 45900
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Rruga e Kavajes, prapa poliklinikes nr9, Tirana, Albania
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